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Project Name: Karaelmas University Entrance Gate and Recreation
Client: Rectory of Zonguldak Karaelmas University
Project Date: 2007
Place: Zonguldak
Area: 220 m2

Campus gate of the Karaelmas University, which is located on a hillside overlooking the Zonguldak-Istanbul highway on the Black Sea coast, traffic and pedestrian access, urban landscape and existing campus layout have been important criteria. It has been thought that the gate should not only be erect as a structure with symbolic values, but should also function as a landmark that signifies and introduces the modern vision of the university. Lively geography of the city, the nature of the sea, the wild waves of the Black Sea, and the flying seagulls have been visually inspiring in the formation of the design. Hence, the entrance canopy is designed in an impressive and dynamic form, composed of dynamic structural elements instead of a single static structure. The steel construction canopies placed over the concrete columns are repeating in a changing order. An entrance control office is designed under the series of canopies that cover the entrance. Canopies, which have been designed as elements that slide over one another, create visual and symbolic distinction. This architectural image represents dynamic and modern academic identity of the university opposing to a static, ordinary structure.