Our Konya Selcuklu Mosque is published in the Association of Turkish Consulting Engineers and Architects Journal, issue October 2014.

On the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the birth of Mevlana Rumi the eminent poet and philosopher, UNESCO declared 2007 to be the World Mevlana Year. A mosque is planned to be built in Konya within the context of celebrations to commemorate the unusual event. As Great Master Mimar Sinan did in his age, the design of this Mosque interprets and emphasizes the use of building materials, technology and the concept of art and architecture of its contemporary age.

With its formal characteristics and composition, the design of the Mosque strongly emphasizes the philosophy of Mevlana, embracing all the people addressing them regardless of their faith and ethnic origin and raise of love at the heart of this philosophy with love to reach Allah. The form of the building symbolizes the movement of Whirling Dervishes, with reverence of the hand rising from realities of daily life towards Allah with love and passion. The spiritual and powerful effects of natural light in the interior space are one of the most impressive characteristics of the spatial organisation.

Another block is embracing and completing the architectural composition of the Mosque complex. It accommodates religious, social and cultural amenities of the mosque. This block completes the formal composition of the symbolic movement. It is mainly designed for the administrative office of mufti, the library, ablution areas and a shopping area. The fountain designed in the middle of this composition is a modernised and stylized articulation of a traditional pattern.

Environmental design and landscape design decisions are significant components of the project which complete and enhance the formal and functional composition. The courtyard defined with the mosque, the pool and the landscape is designed as a public space for the organisation of religious ceremonies and urban public activities.

A new context has been establishes by means of the modern interpretation of traditional forms of the mosque architecture, the dome, the minarets and the courtyard. The Mosque has been designed in an aesthetic approach which emphasises modern technology and religious values. The use of simple, bare and natural construction material on the facades strengthens the religious, spiritual and symbolic existence of the Mosque, which is intended to materialize.

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