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Project Name: Antalya 100.Yıl Sports Complex Track and Fields Stadium
Client: T.C. Directorate of Youth & Sports
Project Date: 2001
Place: Antalya
Area: 130.000 m2

The track and fields stadium where international races were proposed to be organized, was designed within the site of the existing 100. Yıl Sports Complex in Antalya, with a capacity of 6000 audience. The tribune accesses which divided the tribunes to three parts, were designed on the same level with foyer. This path connecting the foyer and tribunes on the same level also provided a perfect view of the track at 100m. finish and start points without any visual obstacles. Under the tribunes, a closed track with six lanes, a closed training hall and a changing room with showers and restrooms for the sportsmen were designed. All these units had direct sunlight and ventalation. From the entrance hall devoted to the sportsmen, accesibilty to the closed track, to the training hall and to the main track was provided. This access also provided a direct view for the closed track. This spatial arrangment of the entrance hall was a significant design criteria both for the functional scheme of the building and for the safety precautions.

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